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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Cleaning


Spring cleaning can be very difficult if you have a big flat or house and not so much time. But you can choose to do the work in a simpler way without losing too much time or putting too much effort. Here are a few mistakes to avoid, just to finish home cleaning faster without being completely tired.

1. Disorganization

Before you start cleaning, make a strategy to make work more efficient. Sort out things in those rooms that require most attention, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

2. Sharing tasks

Cleaning a house by yourself is not a good idea. Until you finish arranging the whole space, you will be exhausted. Decide who is doing what – distributes tasks with the rest of the family. In this way, you will finish cleaning faster and you will not feel so tired.
If you live alone, invite a friend to help you. You can turn his favor back when he or she needs your help.

3. The right tools for cleaning

Sometimes you spend a lot of time cleaning you house, because you do not choose the right tools. Choose microfiber cloth to remove dust, instead of regular cloths, special substances for furniture and windows, and sponge cloth for tiles and sandstone.

Do not use old cloths to clean the house. These will leave traces, and you will have to start your work again.

4. Too much dirt

In order not to force yourself too hard when the time of cleaning the house comes, try to keep your home as clean as possible all the time. Ask the family members to keep things in order, the clothes arranged in the closets, and keep the children’s toys in special boxes, not spread everywhere.

5. Special atmosphere for cleaning

Cleaning day should not be seen as a bad day. Enjoy the work you do, listen to some music that inspires you to move around and have fun! Your home will be great again in just a few hours!

Source: www.acasa.ro