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Administrative personnel – technical maintenance

Buildings have their own life and often need someone to take care of its evolution. We have developed a service that gives you the opportunity to identify the most suitable person to manage your building or space, for permanent management of your optimal operating parameters.

The technical staff we work with will ensure:

  • Regular control of electrical and sanitary installations;
  • Cleaning of air conditioning filters;
  • Green areas maintenance (lawn mowing);
  • Maintenance of parking spaces (underground, underground);
  • Cleaning services for exterior areas (building perimeter);
  • Maintenance of exterior sidewalks;
  • Reconditioning on call;
  • Purchasing the necessary supplies for common spaces (reception, protocol, toilets etc.).
  • Realizarea micilor retușuri sau reparații în timp util;
  • Realizarea aprovizionării spațiilor comune (recepție, protocol, toalete etc.).