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Floor Treatment

Floor maintenance is essential for your offices to look impeccable. Each type of flooring – wood floor, sandstone, travertine, marble or PVC surfaces – needs to be treated differently with specific technical methods and professional solutions.

Treatments floor surfaces:

  • polished
  • crystallized
  • marble polished
  • assemble and burnish of the wood floors

DAROM provides consultancy for the washing, refurbishment and maintenance of each type of flooring and appropriate services, using dedicated equipment and solutions, namely:

  • Reconditioning of solid wood flooring (assembly, burnish, varnishing);
  • Mechanic washing of hard floors (sandstone, marble, granite, PVC);
  • Reconditioning by grinding and / or crystallizing the surfaces of marble, travertine, mosaic;
  • Waterproofing for marble, granite, travertine and other natural stones;
  • Waxing PVC surfaces.

Each action is a specific process for a specific type of floor:

  • Crystallization – a chemical process that gives a special resistance to the surface, as well as the  refreshment of colors;
  • Waterproofing – prevents the infiltration of liquids and degradation of surfaces;
  • Waxing – Application of successive layers of wax, providing medium resistance and easy maintenance, giving an exceptional gloss to hard surfaces.

These services can be done occasionally or periodically – our consultants can provide you with a specialized diagnosis depending on the degree of depreciation and type of surface.