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Spring cleaning: 6 Essential Tips


For you and you home to start spring in good shape, first take care of cleaning and organizing things in the house. Here are some tips from experts:

1. Take care of cleaning gradually

Many people complain that they have no time to deal with house cleaning. Of course, general cleaning takes time, but you can gradually take care of it.
Use 15-30 minutes a day to tighten and arrange your clothes, vacuum or wiping tiles etc. In a few days you will see the difference.

2. Moderate but constant cleaning

It is advisable not to let the dirtiness gather or allow the disorder to turn into chaos. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately intervene and clean or scrape the scattered items whenever necessary.
From time to time, take care of the “hidden” spaces, such as those under the refrigerator or under the sinks.

3. Be efficient

Everyone knows you have to clean all the time from top to bottom but we often forget this rule. In order not to do the job twice is recommended to try to be effective.
For example, if you have a desk over which shelves are fitted, first make sure to clean them so that you finally clean the office.

4. Use suitable cleaning products

Buy effective cleaning products that smell nice and are healthy. You can use various natural solutions such as baking soda or vinegar, essential oils, pine, lime, etc.

5. Organize wise

When you have lots of objects to look at, for the idea of ​​”agglomeration” it is good to organize them by height – from high to low.
Another trick is to use decorative boxes to “hide” in them objects – magazines, toys, etc.

6. Give up unnecessary objects

Adopt the “less is more” principle and learn not to attach to objects you do not use. Give up on them to have a more spacious and airy home.


Source: www.acasa.ro

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