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The most effective cleaning tips


One of the biggest barrier in house cleaning is motivation. Because it takes a lot of time and effort, cleaning the house is not so attractive. But if you know a few tricks you will make cleaning much easier in a short time. Here are some of them:


1. If you are easily distracted from cleaning once you start, it is advisable to timer yourself. Set your clock to ring in 30-60 minutes from the time you start cleaning. This will help you focus better on what you have to do and finish your work in a shorter time.

2. Team up with your sister / friend in order to clean each of your homes. When you share with someone the same responsibilities and especially if you have the same habits, the job seems much easier.

3. Listen to music while cleaning. This will help you enjoy new waves of energy and work hard.

4. Another way to motivate yourself to clean up is to schedule a meeting with your friends at home. Having a deadline before your guests will arrive, will make things faster and more efficient.


5. Keep all the cleaning products in a textile bag that you can hang on the inside of your closet door. In addition to saving space, you will have easier access to them.

6. Place a big basket with a cover top in the hallway or in a corner of a room and add scattered things in it for quick cleaning. When you have time, put each object from the basket in its place.

7. If you have time to clean up just one room before getting guests visiting you, focus on the bathroom. This is the room where people tend to look round and observe details because they remain alone and are not distracted by anything else.

More tips

8. To clean the cat’s hair, use a wet rubber gloves. Put your glove and touch the target areas gently. The hair will stick to the glove in seconds.

9. With the help of shaving foam you can remove stains of red wine from the carpet. Apply foam over the stains, let it work for a few minutes and then remove it with a wet cloth.

10. When the plastic boxes you use start to smell, wash them with warm water in which you added 2-3 spoons of bicarbonate.

11. Lamps and chandeliers can be cleaned of dust by using a sticky roller, usually used for cleaning lint on clothes and rugs.

12. Instead of a dust cloth, you can use an old, long sock. Lay it on one hand and wipe off the dust with it. This way you can also use it in areas more difficult to reach.

13. Wet napkins for babies can be also used to clean various surfaces of the bathroom and kitchen.

Source: www.acasa.ro

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