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Your checklist for choosing the best cleaning company


Cleaning services are an important and necessary activity field, since everyone considers them a good economic solution to keep office spaces clean and tidy or even their own homes impeccable. Traditional cleaning services start losing ground to professional companies with qualified employees. The tasks performed on time and the professionalism of the experts we work with are the most important benefits of these services. One can say it is imperative to choose the best cleaning company – therefore we propose you a short checklist. Once you have checked all the items below, you can be sure you choos a high-quality cleaning service.

Service Type
Not all cleaning services are the same. If you are looking for such a service for office or commercial spaces, you need to choose exactly what suits your needs. So you need to look very closely at the kind of service you are asking for. Just after you set up the type of service, you can look for a cleaning company. You may have certain requirements, such as carpet cleaning or exterior window cleaning, and not all cleaning companies can offer these types of services.

License and warranty

Once you have set all your cleaning needs, you need to check the license of the company you are going to contract. It is in your interest to do so. The warranty provided by your company and your employees may be different, so insist on seeing the original papers.


Reviews or references from the previous clients are a must. It is best to ask the cleaning company to indicate one of the latest spaces cleaned and you can pay it a visit – to personally analyze the quality of work.

Time frame

When relying on an company providing cleaning services for offices or commercial spaces, make sure they are punctual and can perform all cleaning tasks in due time.

The contract

Once you decided what company you are going to work with, you need to sign a contract. The terms and conditions of the services, the frequency of the services and when they will be performed, the costs for any extra tasks and all types of tasks related to the cleaning service should be stipulated and highlighted in the contract you will conclude.

Surely there are other things to add to this checklist, but the ones mentioned above are highly necessary and you should carefully consider each aspect before contracting a cleaning company.