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About us

In the 1990s, becoming an entrepreneur was a boundless challenge – as if you were throwing yourself from a cliff without a parachute or safety net. DAROM was from the very beginning a business based on work, determination, respect and valorization. From the beginning we had the determination to make from the cleaning services we provide a model of professionalism – remarkable through the quality of the services we deliver.

20 years later we can proudly say that we have succeeded. We have a varied portfolio of clients, and with some of them we are working from the very beginning. We believe in long-term partnerships and this is what defines our approach to the market.

DAROM is a company that constantly grew, reaching more than 300 employees, from which approximately 85% stayed with us in the last decade – staff retention due to the respect-based policies we practice.
We have constantly evolved and diversified our services to offer today, in addition to standard cleaning services (daily maintenance, carpet and glazed surfaces, technical maintenance), a full set of specialized HR services for protocol.

The future is ours – together

DAROM services offer you a unique approach to cleaning and managing offices and buildings. Apply to our daily / periodic / dedicated office cleaning services (office and industrial) and you can outsource other types of services.

We select and hire people tailored to your needs and we ensure that your own team enjoys the most friendly working environment – impeccable in all respects.

  1. DAROM Company has been launched in the Romanian market, bringing a highly professional approach in the cleaning services sector.

  2. We reach more than 150 employees and the determination to further increase. We have adapted to the European Union standards for cleaning services and included the procurement service in our offer.

  3. We have adapted to the needs of our customers, therefor we are offering diverse services: reception, secretariat, and protocol for our partners who choose to outsource this resource.

  4. We provide cleaning services and related services to customers in Bucharest, Sibiu, Iasi, Cluj, Targoviste and we continue to expand.

  5. We understood that our greatest reward comes from the satisfaction of the customers who have for such a long time and the loyalty of our colleagues who are proud to wear the DAROM uniform. We are here for better services and happier people every day.