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Cleaning Services

DAROM offers an integrated cleaning package that meets the most diverse cleaning requirements: daily, periodic and industrial (mechanical / scrubbing).

We have been working for over 20 years in the field, and we have a team of over 300 skilled employees ready to adapt to the dynamics of your own business. Together with our customers, we set up a cleaning program tailored to their needs, fixed or mobile teams, depending on the surface and specific requirements.

We use methods, cleaning products and professional machines, specific to each type of surface / activity. Our basic package includes:

Daily / periodic cleaning services for offices and spaces with extended surfaces (minimum 1,000 square meters):

  • Dry brushing for any types of floor (marble, granite, linoleum, sandstone) or washing with professional chemical detergents;
  • Carpets sweeping with professional equipment;
  • Removing stains from floors;
  • Furniture dust cleaning;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting electronic devices;
  • Professional leaning of the glass surfaces (windows, mirrors etc.);
  • Cleaning ashtrays;
  • Clearing the air and refreshing the atmosphere in the offices with ambient spray;
  • Collecting and replacing of the garbage bags and storing in specially designed spaces.
  • Cleansing, disinfection and perfuming the sanitary groups;
  • Fill in dispensers from sanitary groups;
  • Washing and disinfecting floor tiles and faience at regular intervals;
  • On request: supplying with paper dispensers and napkins for the sanitary groups.

Periodic cleaning services (general cleaning, carpet cleaning etc.):

  • Maintenance and floors washing with professional machines and detergents;
  • Floors waxing and pickling, using professional electrical equipment and specific substances;
  • Carpet maintenance and stain removal with professional equipment and special detergents;
  • Washing the glass surfaces as well as the casements and window sills;
  • Cleaning (limestone, difficult stains), disinfection and perfuming the sanitary groups;
  • Cleaning cloths, dust, spider webs from difficult places;
  • Maintenance of stainless steel surfaces with special substances (lift, railing etc.);
  • Washing glass surfaces with utility climbers.

Cleaning services (post-construction, cleaning during events etc.):

  • Cleaning surfaces (parquet, tiles, carpet, etc.) with professional detergents and special equipment;
  • Washing of interior glass surfaces;
  • Walls vacuum;
  • Cleaning the lighting units;
  • Maintaining cleanliness during events (exhibitions, car shows, fairs etc.)