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Eco Solutions for Cleaning a Carpet


Cleaning a carpet is one of the most difficult tasks in the house. To remove the stains you need special solutions, but not necessarily very expensive. You can use some environmentally friendly cleaning methods, with the solutions you have in hand, in the house. Here’s how:


1. Foam solution

If the carpet does not have very obvious stains you can use a simple solution made of hot water and liquid soap.
Mix them well until you get a foam to apply on a sponge to remove stains. Also, to have more foam, instead of hot water, you can use carbonated water.

2.Carpet deodorant

If the carpet is clogged with a smell of cigarette, it is not necessary to take it out, ventilate it or wash it. You need 300-400 g of baking soda (bicarbonate) to spread it on its surface. Allow the substance to work for several hours and after that use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. You will notice that the unpleasant smell will simply vanish.
For much clogged carpets just leave the baking soda layer overnight.

3.Solution for stains

Use a spray bottle with vinegar and water to remove more persistent stains on the carpet. Then wash the area with liquid detergent to remove the smell of vinegar, and then rinse with clean water. Use a towel or sponge to absorb excess water.

Source: www.acasa.ro