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General cleanliness – as simple and efficient as you can get

Perhaps it has happened to you to start a general cleaning session of your house and to have the impression that you will never get over… It is the type of activity that consumes all of your time and exhausts you, without results comparable to you efforts. Below are some tips that can help you save energy and time:

Start your stopwatch
You certainly have noticed that every time you clean a certain place, you suddenly notice another area that requires your attention. Using a timer when cleaning up, you can better focus on the activity you have to accomplish, and you will know when it’s time to stop. This way you will not waste too much time with certain activities and you will spend enough time on each and every part.

Decide your “strategy”
Running from one corner of the house to another, you will surely look busy … but the results will not be so great. When you decide to start cleaning, set the place where you will start and take care of it only. Taking each perimeter of the room and cleaning it completely, without the need to come back to it, will make it much easier for you.

“The Equipment”

When cleaning your house or flat, is important to wear comfortable clothes. The eagerness to work hard will soon disappear if the clothes you wear make you feel uncomfortable. Choose a specific outfit that you only use for cleaning. Pockets are also important because you will be able to “deposit” a variety of small objects that are useful for the work you do – a pair of pockets might prove very useful.

Put all the products you will use in a basket or in a bag. With the cleaning wipes, cloths, or surface cleaning solutions at hand all the time, you will save time and energy.

Choose the right time
It would be advisable to be alone at the time you start cleaning. Ideally, people who can help you with should join: husband or children (if they are age-appropriate for such activities). A too crowded house will always be hard to clean.
Source: www.eva.ro