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Amazing Helpers for Cleaning


Do you often find that small accidents actually cause disasters in your home? Wax traces of burning candles in the bedroom have destroyed a beauty of precious wood? Wait a minute!

We have some ingenious cleaning solutions for the delicate items in your house.


White bread can be used to clean paintings in oil. This will act as a natural sponge and helps to remove dust and fingerprints.

Ketchup can be used for polishing bronze or copper vessels. Apply on a soft cloth and rub the dirty surfaces. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Use rice to clean the inside of bottles or containers with tight neck. One cup of rice and one third warm water, strongly agitated all together will leave the bottle perfectly clean.

Use tea to clean rust stains. Boil the black tea in a medium sized pot, then let it cool; put the rusty objects in the tea pot and let them sit for a few hours. Take them out and wipe them with a clean cloth. Wear gloves while doing this – stains can appear on your skin.

Use glycerin when you want to clean wax stains on furniture. Removes as much wax as possible, then with a soft cloth dipped in glycerin rub gently with circular movements.

Starch powder can be used to clean stains on carpet or textile. Pour on the stain, let it work for about 20 minutes, then vacuum the surface.

A cotton pad with alcohol can help you when you want to remove permanent marker traces from wood surfaces.
Source: www.socialdiva.ro